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Hera Wireless Implant

Two component system

The Hera in-ear bud and wireless electrode array make up Hemideina’s treatment solution. Surgery is required to implant the wireless electrode, while users will have two Hera in-ear buds, for ease of recharging. The system is designed for 24/7 hearing, and use while playing sports and swimming, to minimise or remove lifestyle barriers.


Hera In-ear Bud

Sound processor

The in-ear bud contains Hemideina’s proprietary sound processing technology. The in-ear bud converts sound waves into discrete frequency bands, described as electrical pulses, in one step, using only the energy of the sound wave. These electrical signals are then transmitted wirelessly to the Hera Wireless Electrode (in the inner ear). The bud is designed to sit comfortably in the ear canal.

Hera in ear bud.png
Hera Wireless Electrode.png

Hera Wireless Electrode

Neural stimulator

The wireless electrode receives electrical signals from the Hera in-ear bud. The signals are encoded to match each electrode to the frequency band. The matched signals are then used to stimulate the neurons in the cochlea, sending sound information to the brain.