Hemideina Solution

Bio-inspired mechanical signal processing

Hemideina’s proprietary mechanical signal processing technology can be applied to hearing implant treatments for severe-to-profound deafness.

It is our aim to develop a new hearing implant system - “The Hera Wireless Implant” to address the challenges of the current treatment:

Speech Perception, Lifestyle, Size, Aesthetics and Battery Life

The proposed device would have both external and implanted components.

The external component is the Hera In-Ear Bud, which contains Hemideina’s proprietary sound processing technology, and is intended to fit within the ear canal, to replace the external components of the current treatment.

An implantable receiver/stimulator would receive electrical data signals from the In-Ear Bud, along with power, and use these to stimulate nerves in the cochlea, just as current cochlear implants do.

Hera In-Ear Bud, designed to sit in the ear canal

Hera In-Ear Bud, designed to sit in the ear canal